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For as Low as ₦ 1500 Per Person Per Month

Instant Lifeline – Affordable alternative to Private Health Insurance

Healthcare the InstantLife Way

About Our Healthcare

when you're ill, you don't want to wait

Especially when you don’t know what’s wrong with you, but for many of us costly private health insurance just isn’t an option.

LifeLine is not insurance.  Through membership we provide speedy access to private healthcare when there’s a wait.

Find out how our discretionary healthcare works and how we can offer an affordable alternative to health insurance

As soon as you join

you’ll be given a credit card with a credit limit that matches the tier of your subscription and can be used in most Hospitals, Pharmacies and Healthcare facilities. But can’t be used until after 6 months.

After 6 months

You’re able to request private diagnosis, treatment and physiotherapy. Minimum wait times, medical procedures and condition limits and exclusions apply.

Our hospital network

Our hospital network is currently growing. So if you don’t find us near you, we promise its in the works and we will be there in no time.

Help take the stress away for only ₦1,500 per month

  • No exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions on joining – All Nigerian residents can join us regardless of their medical history.
  • We understand life is always changing  That’s why we have no annual contracts and no early exit fees as we know sometimes things change and you might not require our support, but we will always be here if you want to come back.
  • No quotes, no excess – The price to join starts from ₦1,500 per person, per month

What We’re All About!

LifeLine is a medical credit system that intends to provide medical finance to the general public. For a monthly fee, subscribers would be given a credit card with a credit limit and can apply to our fund for grants to pay for complex procedures. For example, a monthly fee of ₦1500 would give you access to a credit of ₦40,000 annually. However, the card has a ₦10,000 spending limit four times a year. The unique aspect of these cards is that they would only work in hospitals, pharmacies and healthcare establishments.

Financial Assistance!

  • Living with any serious medical Illness?
  • We may be able to provide financial assistance
  • Can be requested after 12 months of membership

We understand how medical issues can have a serious impact on financial health too. That is why LifeLine members who are suffering as a result of complicated illnesses are able to contact us to request financial assistance provided by our grants partner “National Health Lottery” which may help people living with these conditions. We can help up to a maximum value of 1,000,000 over a 12 month period following our authorisation.

Need Further Information?

Request a call back at a time convenient for you and one of our friendly Nigerian based team will be able to answer any questions you may have. 

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